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Apology letter and stuff

A few days after the incident, after I called in and threatened them, I received an apology letter signed by a State Farm zone manager. The explanations were a bit silly, to say the least. They said that, given my first name is Markus and dad's first name is Mark (I know, lack of inspiration, but it's not my fault, hehe!) they assumed that we were one and the same person. Blah blah blah, I guess they had to put something in there to justify their employees' incompetence and the fact that one single request lead to the cancellation of two policies. (By the way, I checked, dad's policy is cancelled too!)

The good thing, if any, is that they reinstated my policy immediately. I contacted a lawyer in the mean time, who explained that, since the policy was cancelled in error, I couldn't have been convicted for driving without insurance. But yes, it would have been a long and tedious trial, and I would have lost my driving privileges until proven innocent. And, again, all this would have happened because some dumbass at State Farm didn't do his job.

It looks like I don't have much grounds to sue them, but I'm not going to stick with State Farm for long. I've been with them for the last ten years, and dad for much, much longer, and I find it sad how a sloppy employee can make a reputable company lose two long-term customers. However, life will go on -- for me and for them -- but I surely hope they will do a better job at screening their employees in future.

Oh, and I'm not the only one who has been screwed over by State Farm. Watch this video.

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State Farm cancelled my auto insurance policy on accident

I normally don't yank at poor customer service. I work in the retail industry, deal with lots of people each day, and can surely understand how small mistakes can be done. But this is too much, it's so much more than a tiny booboo. I received a letter from State Farm saying that, I quote, "they completed my request to cancel my policy effective September 15". Let me tell you what happened.

I don't have a car, but live really close to my parents and use theirs frequently. I've been driving it since I was 16, but given that my father didn't want to have me on his policy, I had to get my own. He filed a request in mid-August to have his coverage canceled starting September 15 since he is going to be in Europe with work for the next couple of years. We had even made arrangements that I was to keep the car, provided I dropped mom at work every morning and picked her up after hours.

What the schmucks at State Farm did was cancel both our policies. When I called them they just said "oops" and promised to "take care of it". I have, however, been driving without insurance for the last three weeks. If I had caused an accident, eventually with some substantial damage, I would have probably written this post from jail, or at least on my way back from community work.

So right now I have a car in my garage that I cannot drive, because I don't have insurance. All I got is the promises from a call center operator that "they would take care of it". I am strongly considering pressing charges, because someone has to pay for this incompetence. Again, as I said, I understand that to err is human, but this is way too much. I am raging so hard that I can hear my heart beating in my ears. I doubt there is much I can do for now, but I don't want to leave things like this. Since my case is quite obviously an easy win, I bet there will be many lawyers who will want a contingency contract on it, which suits me fine.

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